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Fourthwall Offers all Creative Courses


Acting is not the memorising of lines while wearing a disguise, but the clear reconstruction of the
thoughts that cause the actions and the lines.

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Anchor must to make a eye contact with audience from left to right and end. Anchor must to project
voice with good modulation to attract the audience.

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The art of film requires the successful combination of two distinct groups of elements,

  • The technical elements by which the film is made (camera, lighting, sound and editing)
  • The aesthetic elements that transform the crafts into an art.
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    Dubbing in film making is the process of adding new dialogues of a motion picture that has already
    been shot. “Dubbing” commonly refers to the replacement of the actors voice.

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    Film Editing

    An editor is successful when the audience enjoy the story. Film editing is both creative and a
    technical part of the post-production process of film making.

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    News Reading

    A news presenter also knows as a new reader. A news reader is responsible for delivering news reports via radio, T.V and digital media services..

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    Script Writing

    The collaboration between a director and a script writer can take a wide variety of forms. One might almost say that there are as many different methods of work as there are films.

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    The forth wall is the imaginary ‘wall’ at the front of the stage in a traditional three walled in a proscenium theatre. Fourthwall is the curtain when it removes, through which the audience sees the performance. Join in Fourthwall Acting, Direction, Script Writing, Dubbing, Anchoring, News Reading, Editing etc, and gain the marketable skills the uniquely qualify you for work on a wide array of projects…

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    “Some Are Born Great, Some Achieve Greatness, And Others Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them.”

    – William Shakespeare

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